Types of Welding Helmets

Welding helmets are either of the following types:

Standard or Passive Welding Helmets

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Fixed or Variable Shade Helmets

Battery and Solar Powered Helmets

Professional and Intermediate Level Helmets

Advantage of Using Welding Helmet:

Higher Precision

Usually, the welding helmets glass cover are darkened or tinted. So, you can see partially where you are pointing your welding rod even though there already have intense lighting. It prevents you from losing sight of your present work leading to more precise and accurate outputs.

Avoid Injury

The ultimate purpose of welding helmets is to avoid injury on your eyes in terms of foreign bodies or eye strain. Welding helmets fully cover your head and save your face from red hot foreign materials hit. Also the protective tinted glass saves your eye from excess light radiation.

Increase Working Efficiency

Welding helmet also increase your working efficiency. Due to protective tinted glass, there is no longer need to recover the intense light or to cover your eyes time to time. So, now you can perform your work uninterruptedly and efficiently.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

here is reciprocal relationship between the quality and price. Everybody wants to save their money, but it is not a good decision to go overboard here and finally be disappointed.

Before purchasing, you should ensure the quality of the product.


To conclude this discussion about welding helmet, you are advised to do a proper research about the product and its brand before choosing and buying a helmet. Different customers have different needs and thus their reviews are differing from each other for the same product. Each welding helmet has some advantages and disadvantages, may it be the quality and durability or the price. These helmets are important and buying proper ones ensure your eye protection and long term vision. So, you should pick the best one by your budget. Remember that, these helmets don’t come in cheap price with best quality.

The most important step of any buying decision is that choosing and buying product through looking and feeling. So, you should try to the buying a welding helmet the shop. If you purchase a product in online, that’s also fine but before purchase you should ensure about quality. We hope that, our Welding Helmet Buying Guide article would be a useful buying guide for you in your best welding helmet selection.


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