How to buy the best welding helmet

Welding helmet is very important device because it protects the operator from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays emitted from welding arcs. Before buying you should choose and select a proper welding helmet that ensures high quality of welds, high level of comfort and improve your welding ability. However, all welding helmet is not built equally, so choices a welding helmet is quiet confusing. Here we mentioned step by step guide to choose and buy a best welding helmet.

1. Figure out Your Needs

To buy a welding helmet, at first you should figure your needs. Find out all the matters and write it down to make a list. All these finding are help you to make a good decision. But, remember that do not go too far with list, a lot of options may make the selection procedure harder. You should identify only most important features you needs.

2. Set Your Budget

After figure out the needs, you should set a specific budget for your welding helmet. For choosing a right welding helmet, the cost of the helmet plays a determining role. There different kinds of welding helmet are available in the market with different price.

3. Consider different factors:

In the time of buying a welding helmet you should consider several factors such as auto or passive darkening lens, number of sensors, helmet weight, viewing size, fixed or variable shade, lens reaction time, national safety standards adjustable delay and sensitivity controls and battery life etc.

3.1. Auto or Passive Darkening Lens:

There are two types of lens available in the market. One is Auto-darkening lens and another is Passive or Standard darkening lens. The viewing lens of a welding helmet is a dark tinted glass pieces with UV and IR coating. The shade numbers of the lens determine the ability of the lens to filter light. Usually, an auto-darkening lens has 3 or 4 shade number which indicates it’s easy to use, easy to see through this lens like sunglasses. This type of lens helps the operator to clearly see his torch or gun to the material he is joining. On the other hand, Passive or Standard welding helmets are just popular as they were long time ago. These helmets are cost effective because they are made from molded plastic instead of thick leather. The viewing lens or filter had ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) coatings. The passive darkening lens has usually #10 shades and has been widely used for its affordability.

3.2. Helmet Weight:

You should choose a lighter welding helmet to reduce the risk for neck fatigue and discomfort and increase your welding ability.

3.3. Lens Reaction Time (Switching Speed):

Auto-darkening helmet features different lens switching speed. It indicates the how fast the lens will switch from its natural light state to darkened shade during welding. The quicker a welder lens is shaded from the high intensity light, the better. Too slow switching speed may cause eye discomfort that feels like a dry scratchy sensation.

3.4. Viewing Area size:

This is fully depends on your personal preference. It you are working on a large size of metal, the large viewing field is recommended for you. The Viewing area sizes are usually from 6-9 sq. in.

3.5. Helmet Fit:

It is another important factor to consider. You should buy a helmet that best fit for you. Any exposed skin from welding helmet that doesn’t fit properly could be from UV rays or spatter.

3.6. National Safety Standards:

National Safety Standards ensure the product is prepared properly with maintained proper procedure. It ensures your safety from hazards.

3.7. Sensors of welding helmet:

The more sensors mean that better coverage. Usually, typical number of sensors of welding helmet ranges form 2-4.

3.8. Adjustable sensitivity and delay controls:

Sensitivity adjustment is need on low amperage welding such as TIG process. On the other hand, delay control is very helpful for operator at the time of high amperage welding.

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7 Safety Tips

Welding Safety is a concern for all welders because they are continuously exposed to various workplace hazards. In order to prevent injury, it is important to know what kinds of safety equipment is available to you; so we’ve put together a list of 7 tips to help keep you safe.

1. Read the Manual

The manual that came with your welder contains important information key to operating your welder safely. The manual will also include tips on how to maximize the machines potential. If your manual is lost or damaged, contact the manufacturer or visit the manufacturer website for an online manual.

2. Wear the Proper Gear

Wearing the proper gear when welding is important to help protect yourself from all the potentially harmful effects of arc welding. You should wear only flame resistant clothing, such as denim pants and a welding jacket or other tightly woven material. Gloves are also a necessity when keeping your hands safe from the heat and sparks of the welding process.

3. Button Up

With your safety gear on, you need to then protect the areas the safety gear doesn’t cover. Any exposed skin is susceptible to the damaging effects of the ultraviolet and infrared rays created when welding. Be mindful of open pockets, pant cuffs and loose clothing, as sparks can catch and smolder while the welder is busy working. Always take time to Button up and tuck in!

4. Clean your Work space

Before welding, it is a good idea to examine your work space for any clutter that may get in the way. Performing this quick check also ensures that there are no flammable materials in the area that can ignite from the sparks. A clean welding area should contain only tools and equipment that is being used by the operator.

5. Breathe Freely

While welding, smoke and fumes are emitted that can pose a serious health hazard if not dealt with. In confined spaces, it is important to use an exhaust hood, similar to that above a kitchen stove, or other exhaust method to effectively remove fumes from the area and create a breathable work space.

It is also important to know the materials being worked with, as some require a respirator when welding.

6. Use a Good Helmet

It only takes a moment of exposure to a welding arc for unprotected eyes to experience “arc flash,” a painful condition that may not appear until hours later. Always be sure to wear a helmet when working with welding equipment, and that the proper safety equipment and shielding is in place for those working around the equipment.

7. Get an Auto-Darkening Helmet

Sensors on auto-darkening helmets darken the lens in a fraction of a second and and must meet ANSI standards. Nice auto-darkening helmets can be purchased for roughly $90 and have different modes allowing the same helmet to be used for multiple jobs, such as welding, cutting and grinding.

Not only are auto-darkening helmets effective at protecting your eyes, they help reduce neck fatigue compared to traditional fixed shade helmets. Even more, an auto darkening helmet can help save time between welds increasing efficiency. You can even find auto darkening welding helmets with neat graphics like flames or skulls!

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Top 3 Welding Helmets

1. Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with HelmetCatch

Travelling and working to different places with so many things will surely make your day tired and stress. If you have the Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with Helmet Catch, carrying your things together with your helmet will not be stressful. This will enable you to carry your things as well as your helmet easily and safely. You can just carry it at your back and now go to your work place with complete equipment.

The salient features of the Revco GB100 BSX Extreme are:

  • The dimensions of this welding helmet are 27 x 22 x 21 inches.
  • This welding helmet comes with BSX backpack that contains padded back. It also has reinforced pockets on the sides.
  • It also features a quick action helmet catch that enable you to hold your welding helmet safely with your other tools.
  • The gear pack has capacity to hold your welding helmet, jacket gloves, grinders and other tools safely and tightly due to its durable and strong design.
  • The weight of the pack is only 3.5 pounds. So you can still carry it even though you are working on so far places.
  • The price of this gear pack is also affordable. You can get a quality product with low price.
  • Customer reports and reviews are mostly favorable on the Revco GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack with HelmetCatch.

2. Miller 251292 Classic Series 8-12 Variable Shade Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

This welding helmet comes with an ergonomic and sleek design which ensures weld splashes and sharp foreign materials are slide off from the surface of the helmet. This helmet is fully adjustable with auto darkening glass panel which powered by a solar panel, found in front of the helmet. This helmet is also lightweight (only 2.1 pounds) prevent unforeseen neck or back aches. This excellent helmet provides full head protection including the ears and also covering the neck.

The salient features of Miller 251292 Classic Series are:

  • The dimensions of this welding helmet are 21 x 19.5 x 12 inches.
  • This welding helmet comes with several layers of glass and it even comes with a visor.
  • This welding helmet features Auto-darkening panels that only darken when activities of intense light flashing occurred. This feature allows you to see your working on clearly before and after you weld.
  • This welding helmet comes with both battery and solar panel as a power source.
  • The headgear of this helmet is equipped with durable detentes to keep the helmet in place, this welding helmet is lightweight, only 1 pound.
  • Despite being designed to be lightweight, this welding helmet is still functional.
  • The Viewing Area of this helmet is- 5.15 sq. in – 3.75 x 1.375 in. (95 x 34 mm)
  • This welding helmet features Variable Shades #8 – 12 and Light State #3
  • Comes with two Arc Sensors – 1/10,000 sec. lens speed
  • Features Sensitivity and Delay Control option
  • TIG rating – 20 Amps

The only limitation of this welding helmet is that this product is less durable compare with other expensive welding helmets.

3. Jackson Safety W70 BH3 Grand DS Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Balder Technology, Black

If you looking for a best quality welding helmet with all around functionalities, then Jackson Safety W70 BH3 can be good choice for you. This welding helmet features an auto darkening lens with optimum optical quality, variation of light transmittance and efficient diffusion. This welding helmet is made with high density plastic that is not only lightweight but also heat and welding splatter resistance. It also comes with an all around protective headgear which ensures protection from the head to neck. This welding helmet also features a digital control panel that is easy to control and self explanatory. It control panel contain only 3 buttons grind, torch and wield, so, anyone can easily adjust the shade of the panel. This great welding helmet also features delay, sensitivity and a numerical shade control for more technical adjustment.

The salient features of the Jackson Safety W 70 BH3 Grand DS Auto Darkenting Welding Helmet are:

  • The dimensions of this welding helmet are 18.3 x 18 x 19 inches.
  • Ratchet suspension – This feature allows to custom adjust the distance of the lens of the welding helmet from your eyes.
  • Crown strap adjustment – a different form of adjustment of your helmet that allows you to lower or raise the helmet depending on your choice. This helps you to center your eyes with the viewing panels.
  • This welding helmet is very light, only 1.24 pounds. So, anyone can put it head and work all day comfortably without worrying about being tired neck.
  • This welding helmet also features flexible viewing angles.
  • For longer battery use, this helmet comes with a solar panel.
  • This welding helmet comes with a digital control panels inside the helmet which are very easy to operate.




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Types of Welding Helmets

Welding helmets are either of the following types:

Standard or Passive Welding Helmets

Auto Darkening Welding Helmets

Fixed or Variable Shade Helmets

Battery and Solar Powered Helmets

Professional and Intermediate Level Helmets

Advantage of Using Welding Helmet:

Higher Precision

Usually, the welding helmets glass cover are darkened or tinted. So, you can see partially where you are pointing your welding rod even though there already have intense lighting. It prevents you from losing sight of your present work leading to more precise and accurate outputs.

Avoid Injury

The ultimate purpose of welding helmets is to avoid injury on your eyes in terms of foreign bodies or eye strain. Welding helmets fully cover your head and save your face from red hot foreign materials hit. Also the protective tinted glass saves your eye from excess light radiation.

Increase Working Efficiency

Welding helmet also increase your working efficiency. Due to protective tinted glass, there is no longer need to recover the intense light or to cover your eyes time to time. So, now you can perform your work uninterruptedly and efficiently.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

here is reciprocal relationship between the quality and price. Everybody wants to save their money, but it is not a good decision to go overboard here and finally be disappointed.

Before purchasing, you should ensure the quality of the product.


To conclude this discussion about welding helmet, you are advised to do a proper research about the product and its brand before choosing and buying a helmet. Different customers have different needs and thus their reviews are differing from each other for the same product. Each welding helmet has some advantages and disadvantages, may it be the quality and durability or the price. These helmets are important and buying proper ones ensure your eye protection and long term vision. So, you should pick the best one by your budget. Remember that, these helmets don’t come in cheap price with best quality.

The most important step of any buying decision is that choosing and buying product through looking and feeling. So, you should try to the buying a welding helmet the shop. If you purchase a product in online, that’s also fine but before purchase you should ensure about quality. We hope that, our Welding Helmet Buying Guide article would be a useful buying guide for you in your best welding helmet selection.


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